Friday, 7 June 2013

Some Queensland Certificates as Images

It is now possible to save money by downloading some Queensland birth, death and marriages certificates as images. Whether you receive an image or a certificate on paper depends on the date and type of event.

At the moment the Registry's Web site says:

* Births: 1825-1890 available as images or certificates; 1891-1913 available as certificates only.

* Deaths: 1825-1890 & 1965-1979 available as images or certificates; 1891-1964 & 1980-1983 as certificates only.

* Marriages: 1825-1889 as images or certificates; 1890-1938 as certificates only.

Before you buy certificates, see the advice in 'Free Certificates in Archives Files.'

For more tips about births, deaths and marriages in Queensland, see my Web site.


  1. It appears that the mother's name "bug" has returned to the Death records. Except this time, the reason is clear. the government giveth ... and taketh away

    1. Bob, I am under huge pressure at the moment so I haven't tested the new site thoroughly - but some death index entries are showing the mother's maiden name in full. For example, the entry for Annie Augusta STEINKE (my grandmother) shows her mother's maiden name as Emilie Albertine HOHN. (Actually it should be HAHN, not HOHN, but my point is that the name has not been truncated.) Have you ascertained whether the shortened names are only after a certain year?

  2. Thanks for alerting us to this Judy. I'm sorry to read on Bob McAllister's blog that some of the indexes no longer contain the same information though. The ability to download the certificates should be very useful though.

    1. Hello Aillin. Some death index entries are still showing the mother's maiden name in full. (See my reply to Bob's comment above.) Perhaps the shortened names are only in a later time period? Right now I am dealing with various personal and domestic crises, and I don't have time to test that theory.


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