Thursday, 21 March 2013

More Queensland death indexes online

Queensland Registrar-General's indexes to births to 1914, marriages to 1938 and deaths to 1983 are now online - but note that some indexes (births to 1919 and marriages to 1939) are available on microfiche but not online.

Once you know a year of death, it's much easier to search for a recent Supreme Court probate file - which, if it exists, will include the death certificate, thus saving you a lot of money.

There are other tips about Queensland birth, death and marriage records on my Web site and in the book Tips for Queensland Research. See also 'Free certificates in Archives files'.


  1. Thanks for this tip-off Judy. I happened across it by pure chance when I went to do a search. I found it interesting that many of the later deaths had no parents' names listed, including that for my much loved grandfather. Apparently my Dad didn't take the marriage cert with him when they did the paperwork which is odd because I knew I needed it when a friend died in his 30s in the early 1980s. Thanks for letting everyone know about this!

    1. Pauleen, before I saw your comment I had already written another blog post with a warning about the recent Queensland death indexes. The Registry has omitted parents' names from many index entries despite the fact that parents are named on the death certificate.


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