Thursday, 20 December 2012

SCHOLEFIELD and CHARLES: Birth Certificates in Land Files

Birth certificate (Queensland)
In 'Free Certificates in Archives Files' I mentioned some record series in which I had found birth, death and marriage certificates. I recently came across another example.

Birth certificates for Edward George SCHOLEFIELD (1906) and Ethel Irene Rose CHARLES (1904) are in a 'dead farm' (land selection) file.

The source location is Queensland State Archives item ID 73066, file no. 6297. If you can visit the Archives and inspect the file (which is quite large), you can take digital photographs of the certificates.

A friend and I are creating an index for certificates that we find in odd places (land selection files, Colonial Secretary's Office correspondence, etc). In the future (perhaps 2014 or 2015) the names from that index will be added to my main Web site.

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