Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Queensland's Missing Births and Deaths

The Queensland Pioneers Index 1829-1889 is an excellent genealogy resource that was published on CD-ROM by the Queensland Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages.

Listed below are fourteen entries that are on the CD but not in the online historical indexes.

Baptisms with details shown on the CD:
  • BAINBRIGGE Philip Parker, father Thomas, mother Sarah, 30 Jul 1828
  • CLARK Emmeline Cameron, father Thomas, mother Emmeline SANDERS, 28 Oct 1828
  • FERRIS Thomas, father John, mother Catharine, 15 Dec 1828
  • GUERD Mary Anne, father Thomas, mother Mary, 18 Apr 1828
  • ROBERTS William Henry, father Charles, mother Esther, 15 Sep 1828
  • STACE Robert Austen, father Austen, mother Susanna, 5 May 1820

Burials (these undated burials had '1800' in the 'year' field on the CD-ROM):
  • ARMS John
  • BELL
  • BELL (Mrs)
  • HARVEY Elizabeth Ann

Searches on the Registry's Web site require a date of 1829 or later. Perhaps that's why these entries no longer appear in search results. If the Registry replies to my enquiry about this problem, I will add a comment here.

(This post first appeared on http://qld-genealogy.blogspot.com/2016/06/queenslands-missing-births-and-deaths.html.)

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