Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Burials at Geraldton (now Innisfail), North Qld

Bluebird Cafe and Robertson Brothers, Innisfail
Innisfail, 2013 (photo by Judy Webster)
Cassowary Coast Libraries want to fill the gaps in their local burial registers. If you have a death certificate or other information for someone buried at Geraldton (now called Innisfail), either in the cemetery or elsewhere, contact:

Natasha Lavell
Cassowary Coast Libraries
PO Box 887
Innisfail QLD 4860

Email: natasha.lavell [at]

Phone: (07) 40302246

Please forward this request to family history societies, genealogists on social media, etc. The URL for this post is

The photograph, which I took earlier this year, shows two of the Art Deco buildings for which Innisfail is renowned (the Bluebird Cafe and Robertson Brothers).

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