Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Problem with recent Queensland death indexes

Following on from my hasty post ('More Queensland death indexes online') a couple of days ago... and before we all get too excited about the release of Queensland death indexes up to 1983...

My grandfather died in Queensland in 1967. Yesterday I noticed that his parents are not shown in the online death index entry, but their names are on his death certificate. I also noticed that in Grandad's index entry, columns for 'father' and 'mother' had blank spaces (not the dash that usually appears in the index when a death certificate does not include a parent's name).

An experiment with a common surname revealed that certain years seem to be worse than others. For example, there are 371 SMITH deaths in 1975-1976, but only 10 of them list the parents.

I don't want to waste time doing what someone has already done, so if you have asked the Queensland Registry of BDMs why they omitted parents' names from many of the later death index entries, please let us know the answer by leaving a comment here.


  1. More than one person on the SEQ Germans list has notified Qld BDM about this.

    One lister posted yesterday (Mon 25th March 2013): I have just had an email reply from a Qld BDM guy who said that there is a small error in the system preventing the parents names from appearing for now on the death index but is being fixed at this moment.

    1. Thank you! I thought someone was sure to have investigated the problem during the 24 hours that I was off the Internet. :-)


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