Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Illuminating Blogger Award

I was surprised and honoured when two of my blogs received multiple nominations for the Illuminating Blogger Award. At what was a sad and chaotic time in my life, these comments were a comfort.

Fiona said:   Queensland Genealogy was the first geneablog I found, and Judy has flung open so many doors for me. Judy also runs the Genealogists for Families Kiva group which has done so much to help so many.

Alona said:   Judy has a number of different blogs, but I've chosen to nominate her Queensland Genealogy blog because since she took up the 'Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge' she has been highlighting various Queensland records – and every one of them has taught me something new.

Helen said:   Judy Webster is a well known Queensland professional researcher and a personal friend. Judy is very generous with her knowledge. Her website is full of useful information for anyone doing Queensland research. Her latest entries in Alona's 'Family History Alphabet Challenge' showcase fascinating records. Judy does a number of blogs including one about her father's early life. In honour of her father she started the Genealogists for Families project where people make micro-loans via Kiva enabling other families to make a better life for themselves.

Jill nominated the Genealogists for Families blog:   'Genealogists for Families' Project team leader and blogger, Judy, is an inspiration as she encourages genealogists to reach out and help families in third world countries with micro-loans. Judy's enthusiasm for this project and her personal generosity know no bounds.

Having received the award, it is now my duty to tell you one random fact about myself (my hobbies include paper-making and collecting postcards) and to give the award to five other blogs with illuminating content. They are (in no particular order):

  • The Legal Genealogist: The author is a certified genealogist with a law degree. She writes about 'genealogy, the Law, and so much more'. Categories include Constitutions, Copyright, Court Cases, DNA, Legal definitions, Methodology, Primary Law, Resources, Statutes, Terms of use.

  • Historical Medical Miscellany: I find this blog both interesting and informative, especially as I am a medical scientist and an indexer of hospital and mental asylum records.

  • Sassy Jane Genealogy: Practical advice from a genealogist who is also an archivist.

  • London Roots Research: I have lots of London ancestors, and Rosemary writes about both basic and unusual sources (for example, Fire Insurance records).

  • Dance Skeletons: Fiona's sense of humour is often a ray of sunshine in an otherwise dull day. Thank you for making me smile!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Blog Birthdays and Simple Gifts

I have been preoccupied with personal and family issues, so I almost forgot that this blog will be three years old on September 16th. Another blog that is even more dear to my heart ('Genealogists for Families') will celebrate its first birthday on September 27th.

In "It's My Blogiversary, and I Want Presents", Shelley asked for 'presents' in the form of corrections on Trove. I was happy to do that. Now it is my turn to ask, and what I would like you to do is...

Spread the word about the 'Genealogists for Families' project!

If you are not familiar with it, read about how the project started. After just one year, our genealogy team on Kiva has made a huge difference to the lives of thousands of families around the world. Your gift could be any one of these simple tasks:

  • Mention 'Genealogists for Families' to your family history group, seminar audience, etc.
  • Spread the word via your online social networks (our Twitter hashtag is #KivaGFF).
  • Raise funds by doing paid online surveys.
  • Put a link to 'Genealogists for Families' ( or in:

On behalf of everyone who will benefit if you encourage more people to join 'Genealogists for Families'... Thank you!
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