Monday, 3 October 2011

Queensland genealogy news

For those who didn't see them on my Twitter page, here are some Queensland 'items of interest'. Links open in new windows so you won't lose your place on this page.
  • Ryerson Index now includes 150 years of death notices in the Maryborough Chronicle (now Fraser Coast Chronicle).

  • Collinson Index, a unique source for Queensland history and genealogy, also fills gaps in Trove.

  • Other news that is relevant to Queensland is in today's edition of Updates Genie.

Some of these tips originally came from other people, whom I have acknowledged on my Twitter page.


  1. Some great resources here Judy, thanks. I particularly liked learning about Collinson's Index.

  2. Thanks Tanya. What's that old saying...? 'So many sources... so little time...' !


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