Sunday, 3 April 2011

Names missing from immigration index

Kerry Farmer has alerted me to the fact that some names are currently missing from Queensland State Archives' online index entitled 'Immigration 1848-1912'. They used to be there (Kerry has a screen shot to prove it) and now they have vanished. The list 'H to HANSEN' currently starts with 'HAGARTY'. I know for a fact that entries for these surnames from IMM/114 are missing (and there may be others):

Haack, Haagensen, Haake, Haanon, Haase, Haaver, Haavig, Haband, Haberecht, Haberling, Habluzel, Hackaday, Haddock, Hadfield, Haedtke, Haffenden, Hagans.

I have asked the Archives to investigate.

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