Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Your email address for Updates Newsletter

Every time I email my Updates Newsletter, about 5% of the 300+ emails bounce back as 'undeliverable'. Would all subscribers please let me know what email address you want me to use when I send the next edition. If you know anyone who receives my Newsletter, please forward this message to them.

Moreton Bay and Peel Island

A limited reprint of the book Moreton Bay Letters by Peter Ludlow is now available. This is the 2003 sequel to Moreton Bay People - The Complete Collection. For more details see Peter's Web site about the history of Moreton Bay and Peel Island.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

WEBSTER and HUDSON graves, Helidon (Tombstone Tuesday)

I have two sets of great-grandparents buried in the General Cemetery, Helidon, Queensland -
James Campbell WEBSTER and Ellen WEBSTER nee BUTLER


Photos by Judy WEBSTER, 2003.

('Tombstone Tuesday' is a theme used by Geneabloggers.)
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