Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Discontinuing Web pages

(Updated 26 Sep 2010) After seeing the votes and private feedback, I have made a decision about what alternatives to provide when I discontinue Queensland Newsflash and Updates Newsletter in their current format. I think you will like the new arrangement. More details will be released soon.


  1. Why would you discontinue your Newsflash and Newsletter pages? I really vote for keeping it as is.

  2. Mary, I'm delighted that you like the pages. The problem is that updating and formatting them, especially the Updates Newsletter on the Web, takes much longer than you might expect. And not one person responded to my appeal re the email newsletter.

    It would be much easier to put news 'as it happens' in my genealogy blogs, where people have the option of reading it by Following or Subscribing. However I will not make a decision in haste. I may conduct another poll after this one!

    I need to make some lifestyle changes, which will probably mean changing the genealogical services that I provide. I spend hundreds of hours each year updating my Web pages and answering emails asking for free advice. Many people do not even say 'Thanks', though a few make a donation to my collection for charity (see the sidebar).

  3. Thank you for your comment on my blog, and thank you also for replying to my comment here.

    I find that most people who write blogs do not reply to comments made. I find it hard also, to go back and check to see if the writer has replied to my reply.

    Another thought is that many do not want to 'clog' up their email in-boxes with newsletters. Of course relatives and close friends are different, they will subscribe.

    These are just a couple of my opinions, for what they are worth!

    I blog for fun and in hopes of finding a long lost relative or two. I'm guess I'm just not as serious about it as many...

  4. Hello Judy
    I'm grateful for all the work you have done in the past.
    Am happy to go with which ever medium you choose.
    Margaret Picard
    President FHANQ

  5. Mary, I wish *my* relatives and close friends would subscribe, but most of them are not interested (grin). On the subject of replies to comments... I have not tested this on my own blog, but in the sidebar there is an option to subscribe to comments.

  6. Thanks Margaret. You have always been one of my most loyal supporters, and I appreciate that. By the way, Townsville Library asked if I would like to do another family history talk there. I am certainly keen, so hopefully the library will contact me again to discuss possible dates.


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