Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Police Station criminal offence register

Here are 2 examples of entries in Police Station, Croydon: criminal offence register, 20 Dec 1894 - 13 Jul 1905 (Qld State Archives item ID 293075) - and note that Qld Police Gazettes will give more details including detailed physical descriptions of the offenders:

Sep 1897. Offenders: William MALLOY and William FOTHERGILL. Offence: ship desertion, H.M.S. Torch at Cairns, 26 Aug 1897...

Sep 1897. Offender: Edward LOPDELL. Offence: wife and child desertion (Alice, Ernest Edward and Ethel May LOPDELL) at Muttaburra, 17 Jul 1897. Offender supposedly gone to Hughenden or Croydon. Warrant issued. Not to be arrested if he enters into recognizance to pay for the support of his wife and children.

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